How immigrate trough the marriage

Fiancée Visa Checklist

If you get a beloved one in the USA and you plan to be engaged and married, the first thing he must do is physically meet with you. No one K1 visa can be given if you do not give USCIS and the officers in consulate enough evidence that you have become close enough persons and your desire to marry is sincere. More

Fiancée Visa Process

K1 Visa Process that last approximately 5-6 months includes several stages More

70 questions of a K1 Fiancée Visa interview

Each process of getting K1 visa ends with an interview

The beneficiary is told about the date of the event and the time to come to the USA Embassy. As it comes, the interview is almost always being hold in the country where an alien beneficiary lives. However, in case when this country does not have the USA Embassy, or the interviews are not hold there, the last step in getting a fiancée visa can be done in the USA Embassy, located in the country close to the country of a beneficiary. Children that apply for K2 must be present at the interview as well. Meanwhile, they might not be asked questions. More

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K1 Visa requirements and timeline

K1 Visa requirements

Love can break all the rules and obstacles, but not in case with a fiancée visa. Not each applicant for K1 is eligible for getting it. USCIS has the strict rules according which the K1 applicant should meet all the requirements. In case when you do not meet at least one of these requirements, you can be refused in getting a fiancée visa More

Visa K1 timeline

Persons who apply to fiancée visa K1 worry if the process of getting it can last too long. They do even hire attorneys to “push” the procedure and shorten it. Meanwhile, in 2017 the average timeline of K1 is approximately half a year. In each case it varies. Some lucky persons going to marry the USA citizen managed to get their K1 in 3 months! More

Fiancée Visa Cost

When the American, who wishes to marry a foreign person, is going to apply for a K1 visa for her/him, this individual should be aware of all the costs. K1 visa is not the cheapest one, and in most cases a petitioner (the person from the USA side) pays for all connected with it. It includes not only fiancée visa application fee, but medical exams, airplane tickets, all travel expenses including accommodation, often — an attorney or agency assistance More

Filling fiancée visa forms and what is IMBRA

Filling fiancée visa forms

Sometimes individuals going to marry an American citizen soon and applying for K1 fiancée visa, are scared by the number of forms to be filled in. Meanwhile, whose, who read the information, tips and instructions of USCIS carefully have a success More

IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act)

The IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act) appeared in 2005. The aim of it is a reducing of abuse in international marriagesMore

FAQ about K-1 fiancée visa

  • What can we wait if we do not have photos where are together?
  • Can we get K1 visa?
  • How my fiancée come to United States?
  • What are the demands for K1 visa approval? More

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