The process of getting an American citizenship and the right to live in US is called Naturalization. When the applicant wish getting all the rights that Americans have including voting, pension and — that is the most important — obtaining the USA passport, he applies to USCIS.

When American dream becomes a reality
Most aliens dreaming about living in America Process of naturalization becomes their “happy end” of the previous life and a lucky ticket to the Land of Liberty. Yes, foreigners dreaming of life in US have to go through many stages that include getting a visa issued, then — happily becoming a permanent resident that hold his Green Card, having the certificate about Naturalization that crowns their “voyage” through different administrative and government institutions.
Annually many thousands of aliens residing in all the countries of the world get certificates of naturalization through USCIS. The process of naturalization is long, difficult and full of obstacles. Meanwhile, the positive result is the thing that millions of people can only dream about. Your general prize in the USA is the American citizenship, and it can be gotten only through Naturalization. It never depends on what are you — a social worker, a student, a person hired to do some temporary job — if you are eligible for process of naturalization, you can start the process. Naturally, when filing documents and getting ready for the tests which are the part of the procedure, each applicant has to fulfill all the requirements and request, he is provided.

The process of Naturalization
Certainly, depending on the situation with each applicant, some process stages can be different, however, the main process of Naturalization is as follows:

Clarifying if you the applicant if qualified for naturalization.
Sending the application and the other required documents and papers to USCIS via mail.
Getting NOA1 informing the applicant that this application was received by USCIS.
Getting NOA2 containing all the necessary instructions and about attending biometrics appointment.
Attending biometrics appointment.
Receiving NOA3 with the information about coming to the interview and having tests on English and civics.
Having these English and civics tests.
Receiving NOA4 containing the official decision on your application for Naturalization.
Getting NOA5 with — the notice about the oath ceremony scheduling.
Having the oath ceremony and obtaining the long-expected Certificate of Naturalization
Some of the applicants might be told that they are approved at the very end of the interview. In this case they will be informed where they can take an oath.

Timeline of the process of naturalization
In 2017 the approximate time that takes an applicant that files N-400 is 5-6 months from the time of filing the application to the final stage of getting the certificate. However, some factors can make the timeline longer. These circumstances are:
The situation when USICS is overloaded with work;
Errors and misprints found in the application or the absence of some papers and documents;
Certain needed after the interview further actions;
Sending the application from the area where fraud is registered often.
Most of serious delays in coming through the process of naturalization are the fault of the applicant himself. Please be more attentive when filing the application and give only the correct information there.

Requirements for eligibility
Before filing the application, each one who wants to get the American citizenship through Naturalization must first found if he is eligible doing it. Thus, the applicant must:
Be 18+;
Have high morals;
Reside in the USA legally and follow all the rules for the American residents;
Have to prove his “physical presence” in the country (it will be discussed further);
Have to live minimum 3 months in the place (district or state) he is filing the application from;
Have and prove enough knowledge in written and spoken English and reading;
Have to show that you have always obeyed the Constitution of the USA;
Have enough knowledge about the USA history, form and percepts of US government;
Be ready to take the Oath of Allegiance.
Some of these demands can be waived. Check the Naturalization Requirements information and learn more about it.

As a rule, all the fees for biometrics and filing stay fixed, however sometimes they can vary for certain applicants. The agreed costs and fees for December, 23, 2016 are the following:

Elderly people that are 75+ should never pay for Biometrics. Applicants from Military that utilize 318 or 329 sections of the Immigration and Naturalization Act are also free from fees. Applicants with low income can pay less money; meanwhile first they have to file I-942 form which requests the fewer fees. RapidVisa does not deal with this process.

Needed forms
Sometimes the type and the number of forms that an applicant needs can differ.

Naturalization Interview
Each applicant for Naturalization has to have an interview with an officer the local USCIS office. The applicant is always informed about the place, time and the date of the interview beforehand: he will get a written notice. When the interview starts, the officer checks all the applicant’s documents and papers for possible mistakes, and when no omissions are found, he conducts English and government civics exams. For detailed information check Naturalization Interview paragraph.

Oath of Allegiance
When the application for naturalization is approved, the applicant gets information about the oath ceremony — its place, date and time. When taking this oath, the applicant refuses from citizenship of his country and gets the certificate of naturalization. Friends and family members can be present at the ceremony and share with the person taking the oath the happiness of the moment.


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